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General information

The environment is important to us and we are committed to protecting it, and therefore provide this notice explaining our environmental protection practices.

Use of materials

To minimise our paper usage, we send all invoices as PDFs by email (paper invoices sent by request only). We do not print emails, but store them digitally if required. Where paper is used and discarded, it is recycled at an approved facility.

Where possible, all files are sent digitally. Where files are required to be portable we use USB flash drives, or external hard drives. This minimises the use of CD, DVD, and Bluray discs (discs sent by request only)

Lighting and power

Where possible, our working environment is lit by low energy lighting. Workstations and monitors are only powered when they are in use. We operate a strict 'power down when not in use' policy.


Battery powered devices such as remote controls, cordless keyboards/mice use rechargeable batteries only. Our workstations are liquid cooled to minimise noise and prevent additional heat in our working environment.

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